If you like to create solutions... think like a designer. With this in mind I give workshops and lectures at my studio, your office or your school.

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Busy creating a better world...

Lecture in China

download_hand-out_in_Chinese I lectured on this...

Education in Shanghai

Re-invited to do a workshop ‘interior...

Julia’s new brand identity

We did not take any chance on this one. With...

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With graphic design roots firm in the last century, fresh product design leaves are growing in the bright light of the 21st century. Happy to be a designer in these challenging times and to be a part in creating a better world.

Wilma~Groot Wilma Groot – editor Hilversumse Media Compagnie
Ronald has a strong visual sense and can think ‘out of the box’: he is not afraid to step off the beaten track but likes to explore new creative ways. He is an inspiring and above all a pleasant personality.

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2016, April, |


This workshop Design contains all ’21st century skills’. Students will learn to be: creative in finding solutions, philosophical, flexible and will have a open mind towards the future of the...

2014, November, |

Education in Shanghai

Re-invited to do a workshop ‘interior design’ at the Shanghai Business...

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