I will update you where we are and share some thoughts on where we are going. The world is in transition. Changing economies and the ecological crisis makes us realize that living like we used to do is no longer possible.

Keyword is ‘change’ and we are aware of it. To leave old habits is always uncomfortable but there is no alternative then to step in to a better, more sustainable and eco friendly future, why wait? This calls for new ways of thinking, producing and using. A big responsibility lies with designers and scientists but it has to be endorsed and supported by the people.
History shows that whenever something better arrives it is adopted as if it was always there, even when it is life changing. Hence the next big responsibility for designers: to create a better world.


Lonneke-PoelsLonneke Poels – psychologist
Ronald is very creative, diverse, entrepreneurial and has an open mind.
Time and time again he sees new paths to give his life an inspiring new direction. Solving encountered obstacles in surprising ways.