Icarian Interlude

Ronald van de Cappelle, Icarian Interlude, 2023 June, acrylic on canvas, 70 x 30 cm, private collection, Amsterdam.

A beautiful young woman, her aura aglow with grace, sits before a grand piano, her fingers dancing upon the ivory keys. The room is immersed in an air of timeless elegance as the melodious notes fill the space.

As the music weaves its spell, an enchanting transformation takes flight. Emerging from the depths of the grand piano, notes materialize in a flock of eight Icarus butterflies, their fragile wings shimmering with ethereal beauty. Symbolizing the daring spirit of Icarus from Greek mythology, they gracefully ascend into the room, their delicate forms echoing the young woman’s melodies.

The title’s choice of “Icarian Interlude” reflects the transformative power of music and art, the ability to transcend boundaries and connect with the natural world. By drawing a connection to Icarus, the title subtly implies the need for balance, reminding us of the perils of hubris and the importance of honoring the delicate equilibrium of our surroundings.